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Välkommen att titta in på sommarens kurser - 2021

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Per Hardestam

Shandithi Triangel Healing

11 March

with Ken Lavender

One-day Course, no experience needed.
This is a course for those who want to help yourself and others around you, Both people and animals to feel better.
You will learn, that if you have trouble with such. a knee or shoulder, it is not always the case that the actual cause of the symptom is there, but can come from other parts of the body. You'll learn a schedule to go by to find the right place.

Triangle form, the strongest available. According to the scientist Nassim Hara Mein is the foundation stone of the structure of the universe and all geometric constructions based on the. Shandithi triangle produced by mathematical calculations and programmed to achieve an energy balance in humans, animals and plants are now in Sweden. Here you get the opportunity to learn how to use the highest standards.

Course Price: 1350:-lunch included, triangle and a compendium.
Notification and information:Ken Lavender count. 070 – 277 32 52