And the daily activities of the Rural Area in the LSS


Hannemo Center is involved in the project Green Arena operated by the Agricultural Society Värmland.

Green Arena is a project that provides people with special needs a meaningful, Daily sysselsäning in the 


Daily Activities at Hannemo

Three days a week Hannemo Center offers daily activities for people in the LSS, focusing on animals;, Garden, forest and land.


Farming of animals
Right now there are three horses on the farm.
We feed the animals, Brush and clean the stables. Possibility of riding or walking with the horses.

When the time comes harvested berries and fruit in our large garden.
We cut the grass, raking leaves, if necessary, and process berries and fruit

We cook together with one of the participants each day and bake bread once a month

Forest and land
Forestry and the slyröjning vedsågning. In due season, we take walks in the woods for berries and mushrooms

Woodworking and Crafts
Opportunities to work with hammer, spike and knife for creative activities



Med Personen the centrum
Activities tailored to each individual's interests and abilities