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Do you and your group to go away for a while
to rest and gather strength?

Hannemo Center provides activity conferencing, Communication and Group Development. Here you and your team meet and confer privately with the whole farm to yourself, an exclusive monopoly at your disposal.

Everyone should get something out of your stay, Therefore, we use a variety of tools, depending on what suits your group best. Nature and of the fire, forest walks, cooperative exercises, in, yoga and djembe games are some examples of what you can experience with us.

We customize your stay according to your wishes.

Eat well

We attach great importance to food and cooking all meals with care and attention. Eating right is vital for good health, for both body and mind. Tasty and healthy food not only gives his stomach, but also encourages us to think ahead and make the right decision. The food at Hannemo is vegetarian and we use fresh organic ingredients for the best taste.

Wake up refreshed

Sleep is also an activity. To sleep well is an underestimated and important part of a well-functioning everyday. We have put a lot of effort to create good conditions for a good night's sleep and perhaps most importantly – you to wake up refreshed and ready for new challenges.

Our 12 rooms are all individually decorated. It is easy to find rest and let your thoughts rest far from work and stress. Enjoy the silence and our beautiful, freshly-made bed.

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Hanne Skretting and Morgan Stensson

We run together Hannemo Center.
With personal commitment and holistic approach we take when you and your team comes here - so stay shall be according to your wishes. Along with agency expertise, we offer lectures, courses and aktiviteter.Här we give an example of how a visit could be organized. However, it is just one example. Remember that we are adapting our programs to meet customer requirements.



Lectures, courses and activities

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Diet and health
Inga-Britta Sundqvist

The right diet makes you more stress and increases mental ability. Half a day with Inga-Britta provides both knowledge and tools for personal health and well being. Lectures are interspersed with practical exercises. A straightforward round and easily get the knowledge of fatty acids, antioxidants, and glycemic benefits of the method.

Inga-Britta Sundqvist has written four books on health. Among the award-winning bestseller Vegetarian Cookbook. Nowadays, she works primarily as a popular speaker, consultant and teacher in the diet, Health and Nutrition.

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Drums, communication & interaction

Och Mikael Gabrielsson Gabrielsson J Christina, Blue Birch

A team always consists of individuals with different conditions, experience and ability. We use drumming and dancing to a clear and unpretentious way how important each individual is for the whole, break old patterns and experience ourselves and each other with new eyes.

Mikael Gabrielsson. Certified RGRM therapist and Step 1 trained in Integrative Psychotherapy.

Christina J Gabrielsson. Preschool Teacher. Has the 1999-2006 worked with dance therapy, tactile massage and water QiGong at the Central Hospital in Karlstad.

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Nature Charge & releasing dance

Morgan Stensson

Nature Charge
We take off on a guided forest walks and nature uses to gather force and finding new energy. With simple but effective exercises
we stop and become more present and release everyday stress.

Release of dance
A well-functioning health care approach. There are no set steps or movements, just the desire to move to music. Stiffness and tension
release and you will be calm, relaxed.

photo Katrin Moström / Troll

Enjoy the big picture

Hannemo training center located in beautiful Fryksdalen, middle of the wild nature Värmländ. Turn of the century house with its associated log cabins and stables are surrounded by hiking-friendly forests and open meadows. Over the years we have lovingly restored and taken to be the house's character with its wooden floors and fireplaces.
The right attitude and genuine commitment permeates all our operations. Make yourself at home.

A warm welcome /
Hanne & Morgan - Hannemo Center